ECO Friendly – To Help Koh Tao Stay A Paradise! Both on Land & In the Sea.

We at Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd try and help our environment and minimise the impact we and our customers have on this paradise island.
With reef clean up dives, beach clean ups, recycling of waste materials, cans, plastic and glass bottles. We are also involved with Project Aware, Coral Watch, Get Involved, Green Fins, plus Earth Day, World Ocean Days and Trash Heroes events.
Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd conducts a monthly reef clean up at any of the dive sites around Koh Tao, one that we have noticed needs our assistance. The clean-up dives are done with our available dive staff in attendance. These clean up dives are open to customers, if they are Advanced Open Water certified and have dived in the past 6 months. These dives are heavily discounted as we wish to help the volunteers help Koh Tao. 
Each day any of our available dive staff and any of our customers wishing to help clean up the beach, outside of the dive centre and beyond by collecting, drinking straws, plastic bags, glass and plastic bottles, and any other type of trash that does not belong on the beach or in the sea.
You as visitors to the island can also help by reducing the amount of waste on the island. Refuse plastic drinking straws, refuse plastic bags and carry a cloth bag for your shopping, purchase a ECO friendly water bottle, with which you can get free water at many dive schools and assorted businesses around Koh Tao. 
This island does not have a reservoir for water storage, much of the water used in guest houses, dorms, villas and hotels is from deep water wells which rely on rainfall to replenish them, so please use any water sparingly throughout your stay here.
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