New season.
It does seem a little odd to some that our season re starts on the 1st of December each year but there is good reason for this.
Scuba Junction Diving always closes for the month of November every year due to it being the monsoon season and usually has the poorest of diving conditions, this gives the staff a chance of a holiday after working continuasly for the past 11 months.
It also gives us time to repair, service and purchase new equipment that is needed for the smooth running of the dive centre. All our tanks are visually inspected as required by law each year, the ones that are also due are hydrostaticly tested to keep up to the highest standard within the dive industry. Every regulator and BCD system is serviced and cleaned all other equipment is cleaned and replaced if necsassary.
The biggest challenge is to have our dive vessel the Manta Ray and the long tail boat driven over to the mainland, where they are both stripped of all paint, the engines are taken apart, serviced and put back together. Then they have to be brought back to Koh Tao. This sometimes can lead to a delay of them getting back as November is the middle of the monsoon season in the Gulf of Thailand and the seas can have up to 5mtr swells which is a little too much for our vessels. Lukily this year they made it back before we re opened on the 1st of December. longtail and boat
November's monsoon is the perfect time for us to get everything in place for our new and returning customers of the new season, the staff are refreshed and eager to go diving, the equipment is ready for the customers to use and our dive vessels run smoothly and look like new again.
We hope you can come and dive with us this new season, maybe even enjoy Christmas and New Year here!
looking forward to diving with you soon, the Scuba J team.