When we think about monsoon season most of us can only think of rain, rain and rain. Quite likely that is the exact thing you are trying to escape from during your holiday. But, having a rainy day does not mean you can’t get that relaxed, chilled holiday feeling. Here on Koh Tao, Monsoon season can actually be really nice. Our lovely island is known for its relaxed vibe, but sometimes during high season it can actually feel a bit busy and crowded. Not during monsoon! 
Here’s two ideas to beat those rainy days!
I know, I know, the idea of being on a boat in the rain and wind does not sound appealing. But you know what? You are going to get wet anyway! Going for a dive first thing in the morning on a rainy day will beat the crowds on the boat and under water. Yes, it is a little struggle to get out of bed early on your holiday, but as soon as you have your head under water you’ll forget all about that. Does spending all morning weightless in a whole different world exploring all these colourful, new creatures not a whole lot more appealing than getting incredibly bored in your room trying to watch another movie? On both occasions you are escaping the rain, but you decide which one sounds better.
Plus, it is the best feeling to get back to your room after the dives, have a wonderful warm shower and get yourself a nice lunch in one of the many fantastic restaurants around the island, reading your book or just watch the island while you sip your coffee/tea away. 
Still on holiday, still relaxed, but also a little proud of yourself for achieving something that day!
Or, if you are not a morning person, you can turn the whole thing around. Sleep in a little, wake up and find a lovely restaurant by the ocean to sip that coffee/tea to wake up slowly. Then, when you feel a lot more energized you get on the boat, do those great dives and have a nice, warm shower after. Before you know it you’ll find yourself sipping your drink watching the sunset as a reward. Fotor 151236462877040
No diving?
Now, there might be days that the boat gets cancelled or maybe you just don’t like diving. No worries, you can still beat that rain! How about.. a walk?
I can hear you think, hell no! Not in this weather! But Koh Tao actually has a lot of beautiful view points and walks to do, even if it is raining. Just put on that rain jacket and some shoes and start your walk through town. Especially early in the morning it’s nice to walk down the streets while the locals are getting ready for their day. You can get some local snacks at this time of the day as well. Then continue your walk up to one of the many hills and/or viewpoints, but don’t forget to bring some water as it can be hard to find that further away from the main area. As soon as you get to the top there is this stunning view of dark grey sky with a bright turquoise wild ocean surrounding all the green jungle of this Turtle Island. As a bonus, you will find that hiking in the rain is a lot less hot then trying to do that when the sun is out, which can make it a lot more enjoyable for some of us.
Again, no morning person? Just go late in the afternoon to catch the sunset!
When you get back from your walk you can have that nice, warm shower and park yourself in a restaurant to relax for the rest of the day while you eat your food, feeling rewarded.
Not into diving or walking? Follow a Thai cooking class, learn how to do Muay Thai boxing, go swing on the trapeze, visit the animal rescue center, learn to use a paddle board, have a snorkel at the beach or ask us for the many other things to do on the island. Beat that rain! Before you know the sun is shining again.
Enjoy your holidays! By Ster