My first taste of the Koh Tao diving scene was coming here to do my Dive Master, before this I was back in England in the small town of Windsor working everyday thinking I would never leave, doing diving holidays to other parts of Thailand and Egypt every year and all it took was  a single conversation with a Dive Master about the journey to achieving this prestigious position in PADI and at that moment my mind was made up. I was becoming a Dive Master someone mentioned Koh Tao to me and after doing some research I booked my ticket and was on my way over the first few days walking along the beach at night watching the sunset, diving everyday seeing the most amazing fish and beautiful coral anywhere in Thailand, learning to become a leader and gaining a new confidence I didn’t know I had, and making friends for life. Koh Tao really was the place to be and now two years and many visits later to the island I have since become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, gained a better insight into the island and exploring more of it meaning I can help people who visit even more and I now have my dream job at this brilliant dive school surrounded by amazing divers who I learn from everyday and have a life I wouldn’t change for a thing. If becoming a Dive Master and coming to Koh Tao can do all that for me imagine what it can do for you? Go ahead make your passion your career and live your dream. HAPPY DIVING !!!!!! sam