Food on Koh Tao
After a long days diving the first thing on most peoples and particularly my mind is  food well to be honest food is on my mind the moment I wake up, one of the main questions I get asked by customers all day is where is a good place to eat and not very helpfully I give them about 10 different places, but here is two places I love.
If you want local authentic Thai cuisine to really get you into the spirit of being in this beautiful country I suggest a little food shack called Mama Piyawans it can be found on your right about 100 meters up the hill opposite the 7 11 on the main road all of it very affordable for travellers on a budget nothing is over 70 baht, it has amazing Pad Thai the best I’ve had in Thailand, lovely fried rice with fresh herbs and amazing flavour and if you’re in a plain mood their fried chicken on boiled rice is one of my favourites incredibly crispy, juicy chicken which especially in Thailand is sometimes just the thing you need, (I personally like it drenched in soy sauce) and best of all it’s all cooked with love.
I think were all guilty of when were on holiday of getting withdrawal symptoms and craving some good food from home, in my eyes a good bacon, sausage or chicken sandwich for this I suggest a sandwich shop called Da’s which you can find by turning left at asia divers then taking the first left and walking about 100 meters down the row of shops on the left hand side, he makes them all fresh to order very simply but that’s what makes them so delicious, I guarantee your first visit will not be your last.
Enjoy !!!!!