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DMC Days
Back in 2015 my partner and I came to Koh Tao and signed up to do our OW with Scuba Junction Diving, we loved it so much that we continued to our AOW and after spending a lot longer on Koh Tao than we had planned (it has that effect a lot!), arrived back in the UK with 20 dives each and a massive diving bug!
Fast forward 2 years to another rainy, grey day in our little apartment in the UK where we sat questioning our life choices and dreaming of getting back to our ‘happy place’, we made the only sensible decision; book flights and start on our Dive Master training!
DMC fun divingToday, as I look back on the emotional rollercoaster that has been my DMC days, I can honestly say it has been amazing! It’s been tough in places, it has broken me down and built me back up again, it’s been fun, there have been a lot of laughs (and a few tears) but overall it has been an incredible and massively rewarding experience.
I’m so glad we came back to Scuba Junction Diving for my DMC as it’s the team of people there that have made this time so amazing, you really are welcomed into the family like a long lost relative and it’s so strange to think I’ve only known this wonderful group of people a few short months – Scuba J, you rock!!

First of all you shouldn’t drink and dive but at the end of the diving day when your Koh Tao diving is completed then one or two beers while watching the sunset off Sairee beach will cause you no harm. If it is only one or two! The sunsets from the beach at Scuba Junction Diving can be quite spectacular and a just reward if you have just completed a Padi course or just finished fun diving.

Scuba Junction Diving sunset view 


Up and down the beach you will find many of Koh Tao divers doing the exact same thing, enjoying a cold drink on a beautiful tropical beach. There is no better way to end the diving day on Koh Tao. Most visitors to Koh Tao are here to scuba dive, as this is the diving mecca of Thailand if not the world. Koh Tao’s west coast is the place to be to enjoy these sunsets and Sairee beach is the best spot. Up and down the beach there are bars, restaurants all with sea views so you won’t miss this experience even if you are hungry or thirsty. 

Clouds and sunset scuba junction diving sairee beach

High season on Koh Tao usually starts in June and runs through July and August. So if you are planning to learn to Scuba dive or do some fun dives, it is best to pre book to avoid dissapointment. This should also be said of your accommodation as at this time of year, hostels, guesthouses and hotels can be fully booked. Dont forget to book your travel ahead of time as well, if your comming from Bangkok, Koh Samui, Chumphon, Surat Thani or Koh Phangyan book your travel as soon as possible. Koh Tao does get full at this time of year but the same can be said for many places around Thailand, be aware that it is the monsoon season now on the west coast of Thailand, so many travelers and holiday makers are planning their holidays already for the Gulf of Thailand, where the weather is usually much better. Book early and come dive which Scuba J

The Whale shark season is usually the months of March and October but this year already around the dive sites of Koh Tao there have been an abundance of sightings of this beautiful creature, especially during the month of May. The Whale shark is a filter feeder and feeds almost exclusively on plankton. They are of no threat to humans and the largest recorded specimen was just over 12mtrs in lengh making them the largest fish in the sea. Although many divers seem to of seen much larger ones.
They are rarely found in waters below 22c so the Gulf of Thailand is an ideal habitat for them. Whale sharks have very large mouths and are filter feeders, which is a feeding mode that occurs in only two other sharks, The Megamouth Shark and the Basking Shark. They are a gentle giant but you must respect that if you get the chance to dive with one, then you keep your distance and do not attempt to touch or ride them.
Did you know that the Whale shark can be identified by their unique spot pattering? If you have a camera with you when you meet one of these giants, then take photos of the spot patterning behind the gills. You can then submit your photos to Ecoceans online data base at https://www.whaleshark.org  
Remember when you meet these magnificent creatures:
Stay 3 meters away from its body and 5 meters away from the tail.
Position yourself perpendicular to just behind its right or left hand side fin closest to the gills.
If the Whale shark has any noticeable scars, take photos of those too.
Then submit your photos to the Ecoceans website at https://www.whaleshark.org/submit.jsp You will receive emails back about the history of the Whale shark you saw if it has already been registered or if you are the first to register it.

Happy Diving from Scuba J

Scuba Diving on Koh Tao is great, its so hot I don't need a wet suit, and it's so sunny it bleaches my hair blond. 

Underwater there are lots of fish. My favorite fish is a porcupine fish. The reason I like to see porcupine fish is because they have large puppy dog eyes and remind me of a beagle which happens to be my favorite breed of dog.
I am a fitness freak, so enjoy going to ne of the many gyms on the island, which are all full of the latest equipment and thankfully air conditioned as well!
The restaurants in Koh Tao are outstanding. It is easy to become a fat boy. I really like eating pizza but I can't eat it all the time coz I have a fat person trapped inside of me trying to get out and I want to keep him confined.
I also like drinking in Koh Tao. The night life is very good. You can go dancing every night. During the daytime I like to go and frolic around in the shallows pretending to be a hippopotamus.

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