Diving Koh Tao February 2012

One of the pleasures of living and diving on this beautiful island is the unique chance we have to witness the life cycle of a coral reef.  Ordinarily, a dive holiday lasts just a few days, and our experience of the reef amounts to an all-too-brief snapshot in time.  But when you have weeks, if not months, to dive heavily at a particular location, you begin to see the reef as the dynamic ecosystem that it is.  Conditions change constantly, and the marine life populations at particular dive sites are always in flux.  Over the past couple of weeks, some delightful new creatures have taken up residence in Koh Tao waters.

Twins, Koh Tao’s underwater aquarium, has seen a lot of action lately.  A huge school of chevron barracuda has set up camp just South of the middle pinnacle, a crocodile fish is playing hide-and-seek with videographers near the Nemo circle and lucky advanced course divers have spotted a massive green turtle sleeping in the shallow overhang on night dives.  Japanese Garden, renown for its sweeping coral-scape, is now home to two juvenile harlequin sweetlips (cute overload!).  And, at White Rock yesterday, a group of open water students saw a rare devil scorpion fish while doing skills in the sand near the Northwest buoy line.   Sweet.

If all this sounds like great fun, that’s because it is.  And you don’t need to be a professional diver to get in on it.  The SSI Dive Control Specialist and PADI Divemaster courses offer any diver a sneak peak at what it’s like to work in the diving industry and to observe the ebb and flow of daily life on the reef.  It was one of the best experiences I had while travelling, and I can fairly say that it changed my life.  So, if you’re sitting at your desk dreaming of a diver’s life on an idyllic tropical island, ask your boss for a bit of time off and come join us.  You won’t regret it!

By Evan Creutz, Head Instructor, Scuba Junction

Enero bajo el mar

Martes 31 de enero de 2012

Acaba enero en la isla de las maravillas. Primer mes de un año nuevo. Año nuevo en el paraíso.

Enero lleno de amaneceres y atardeceres bañados por el más grande de los azules que nos rodea: el mar.

Mar intenso y compartido por todos los compañeros y compañeras que deciden visitar nuestra pequeña gran y querida casa: Scuba Junction J

Abrimos el mes con Radak y Kinga.  Tremendas personas con un sentido espectacular de la responsabilidad y la diversión; con unos valores humanos maravillosos. Una vez certificados como rescue divers me regalaron el placer de poder fun dive junto a ellos.  ¡Nasdrovia!

Seguimos con la anual visita de Team Israel, gente de grande personalidad y carisma. Chumphon, Southwest Pinacle, Hin Pee Wee, HTMS Sattakut, Laem Thian Caves… y suma y sigue.

Acabamos con la graduación de dos grandes futuros profesionales: Dive Control Specialist Kate y Dive Master Cameron… ¿Febrero? Eugenio ha empezado esta semana su camino from Zero to Hero!


New SJ T Shirts

We have done it again with our fun, bright, course and fun diver shirts



New Year 2012

Scuba Junction and the Crew hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Season.

We hope you are all ready for diving in the New Year 2012.

Be sure to book up as soon as you can as January and February are nearly booked out!

Have a super New Year, be safe

Natalie E Alderton, Partner / Manager


Merry Christmas & New Year

Scuba Junction would like to wish you all a super Christmas and a Happy Safe New Year


The New Season Is Here...

Well after our usual November closure Scuba Junction reopened 01st December for the new Season.

Our boats have been repainted, new regulators in place and BCDs.

Masks shining and wetsuits repaired ready for our divers.

December is almost full so do email us with any queries or book online under the booking section.

Natalie Alderton, Partner / Manager is advising people who wish to dive anytime from December to May to make a booking now as were almost full!

December through to May is high season on Koh Tao and again from July to October, so book now to avoid any disappointment.

Please email Natalie Alderton, Partner / Manager to check availability or ask advice about diving on Koh Tao.



Firstly it was super to have met you all in person and thanks for taking the time to enter our competition.

All I ask is that you take the time to visit our Facebook website and ‘like’ the page, maybe even ask your friends and family to as well:

Visit Scuba Junction Koh Tao Thailand on Facebook you can also email me direct with any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the results of the competition, I was have posted sooner but am pretty poorly today, the prize is non-refundable and has no expiry date:

Tom Morgan won a SJ t-shirt
Zak Turner won 2 fun dives
Joey Parrel won an Advanced Course
D Humphreys won a t-shirt
Brendan Greenwood won a SSI keychain
Jamie Lee won a SJ t-shirt
Diane Goode won a SSI key chain
Dan Lee won a SJ t-shirt
Anne Bacon won an SSI advanced course
Sarah Bacon won a SJ mask strap
Liz Muir won an SSI course book of your choice
Grace Kelly won a EFR and Rescue course
Gill Brown won a SSI key ring
Hollie Clarke won a SSI Open Water Course
Jess Brodie won an EFR and Rescue Course
M Gamhal won a SSI Course Book
Alice Kendrew won an Advanced Course
Rachel Small won a SJ Promo DVD

Again a massive well done and please come and visit us at Koh Tao Island, Thailand, we can help with your travel, accommodation and of course all your diving needs!!

Natalie E Alderton
Partner / Manager / Instructor


Win a dive course, fun dives & more...

Scuba Junction will soon be heading to Birmingham, England to participate in the biggest dive show of the year.

SJ will be giving away some generous prizes including diving courses, fun dives, t-shirts and much much more...

To enter the competition you must visit us at stand 1169, Birmingham NEC, UK, you can answer a simple question to win a prize or enter the draw with a new design of our octopus logo to win more prizes...

Scuba Junction Hits the UK

If your in the UK this year October 22nd and 23rd come and visit Scuba Junction at the International Dive Show at NEC Birmingham.

There are many prizes to be given away...watch this space for more information........

Book Now For High Season....Nearly Full

Wow, what a year already for Scuba Junction...

Natalie Alderton, Manager / Partner is advising people who wish to dive anytime from July to October to make a booking now as were almost full!

July through to October is high season on Koh Tao so book now to avoid any disappointment.

Please email Natalie Alderton, Manager / Partner to check availability or ask advice about diving on Koh Tao.


In-house SSI Instructor Trainer

Scuba Junction can now add to our list of things we can do for you, we now have our own SSI Instructor Trainer.

This means that once you have finished your Dive Master with PADI or SSI you can then become an Instructor through Scuba Junction.

You can do this with PADI or SSI at Scuba Junction.

Please feel free to email me, Natalie Alderton, Manager / Partner  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 New Scuba Junction T-Shirts

 Its a new month and that means something great....we have just received our new t-shirts...

Whether your a Fun Diver, Dive Crew, Open Water Diver, DMT or an Advanced Dvier we have a t-shirt to suit you.

 Available in blue, white or black, sizes small, medium, large and extra large, come in and try one on for size..

Wear it with pride...

 Natalie Alderton






 April 2011 Hot Weather, great Vis

Scuba Junction is again enjoying some amazing diving, hot weather and as always lovely customers, as well as 13 Dive Masters in Training, 2011 is a great year to visit us on Koh Tao Island.

After the floods hit Koh Tao over a week ago the island has been up and running as usual - we are all ok here, the diving is back to normal with some great visability and hot weather.

Come visit us 

Natalie Alderton

Manager / Partner


SJ New Equipment for a New Year

Scuba Junction for 16 years has always prided themselves on having the best equipment...if you spend the time investing in equipment and your staff then your customers will continue to be happy. 

SJ has a massive following for the past years and always has a great percentage of returning customers and wonderful reviews on many websites like Lonely Planet, Trip Adviser, Facebook, Twitter and i-escape.

Equipment is the most important thing when Scuba Diving, we also allow customers to use our New Dive Computers on every dive and offer free use of optical lenses if needed.

Scuba Junction and The Team....YOU ROCK


New Courses, New Diving @ SJ

Scuba Junction has so many new plans for 2011....now you can book not just Similians trips with us but also Sipidan also a new local liveaboard, its on a beautiful Yacht that does 1 day trips to Sail Rock, Chumphon etc but also Ang Thong National Park and around the island trips.

If your not yet a diver then start with a Discover Scuba Dive / Try Dive...if you love it then continue to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, EFR & Rescue, Dive Master then Instructor...all with Scuba Junction.

We are also introducing Cave, Cavern, Wreck and Tech to our list of things to learn and teach if you are already an instructor...

Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me if you want more details...2011 you rock


2011 is going great - with 2 whale sharks spotted already this year

Well I hope everyone is into the swing of the new year......

 Scuba Junction is - we are super busy and nearly booked out until March 2011.

The Whale Sharks have been around too this year, once at Chumphon Pinnacle and also Twin Peaks.

Happy New Year again :)

Natalie Alderton


SJ Opening of New Season - Off to a Great Start

On the 01st December 2010 Scuba Junction re-opened it's doors after a harsh few weeks of rain and more rain!

We are now open with many great bookings, it looks like we are going to start the season off with a great December.

Already a whaleshark has been spotted at White Rock, a beautiful Dive Site just 10 minutes off shore to SJ, great news.

With a solid team in place SJ is refreshed, repaired and ready to rock the boat!!

Natalie E Alderton
General Manager


SJ works with a new Liveaboard Company, ScubaSail...

ScubaSail is a new liveaboard / dive company on Koh Tao, with a beautiful yacht that arrives in November 2010 and will be up and running for business from December 2010.

For SJ this means we have the opportunity to rent the whole boat, take our customers on the boat for daily courses, go to different dive sites and even stay on the boat for up to 3/4 days and nights.

For our customers that have limited time on Koh Tao it means you get to visit all the best dives sites Koh Tao has to offer including various Marine Parks in either a day or two or three...

The yacht is coming from Turkey and is called "ScubaSail Naga", Scuba Junction and the team are very excited to have the opportunity to be involved and explore a variety of dive sites, which means fun for everyone...

Schedules and prices lists will follow shortly or you can email us for more information 

Wherever you are be safe and happy diving....

Natalie Alderton

General Manager



Scuba Junction Underwater Engagement

On Friday 16th April 2010 Julian Curd asked Jessica Davies to marry him...the event took place underwater whilst Scuba Diving with Scuba Junction, their instructor Amber Kennedy took them to a beautiful spot at Shark Island where Julian wrote on an underwater slate and popped the question.

Jessica with no delay replied with a 'yes'....the happy couple spent some wonderful days learning to dive (Jess) and continuing their education to the advanced level (Julian) and will be returning to Koh Tao next year to maybe tie the knot on Koh Tao...Natalie and Amber are currently choosing their wedding dresses and hat's...

Scuba Junction and the crew are honored and happy to have dove with them and to have been involved in the special event, all the best guys

Natalie & the Scuba J Crew



On Saturday 13th of February 2010 Scuba Junction had 10 beautiful PADI Pro ladies model PADI Sports Bikinis on Sairee Beach.The Bikinis may be sold and some of the shots may be used for PADI promotional banners or posters. Hans and Mark from PADI Asia Pacific organised the making of the bikinis after Natalie from Scuba Junction put the idea to them. On a lovely sunny afternoon right outside the new Scuba Junction shop on beautiful Sairee Beach, Jess Tarr took some awesome shots for a few hours and here are some we would like to share with you.

Its days like this that demonstrate and show the great relationship that Scuba Junction shares with PADI.

To see the full collection of photos Join our Scuba Junction Facebook group. The following Photos by Erick Lundblade.

Scuba Junction Facebook Group







Scuba Junction has now teamed up with Oceans Below to train divers to a professional level ready to start their Videography Course with Oceans Below. Oceans Below will be videoing all courses or fun divers if customers wish; they then have the chance to buy the DVD for their memories including Ocean Belows extra footage.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional PADI Dive Master or SSI DiveCon click here to see your training options, we train beginners to professional.

Scuba Junction Dive Courses

Click here to find out more on Videography training with Oceans Below

Oceans Below Website

Its great experience and a great souvenir to take away the DVD with you and show your friends and family what you have achieved.



Good news for all Shark fans!  Scuba Junction divers on trips to Chumphon Pinnacles are are regularly seeing bull sharks at this fantastic dive site.  The sharks have not been seen for several months last year and everyone was thinking they may have left or even been fished!  To see these awesome creatures at Chumphon really makes people happy. They are confident and inquisitive but not threatening.  Around 2 meters in length they are very impressive and it's great to show people how cool they are so we can raise awareness to help protect sharks from the practice of shark fining for shark fin soup (which is popular in Asia) and is having a terrible effect on shark populations.  Sharks keep the balance of life in the oceans and therefore keep our oceans healthy.

Drop into Scuba Junction and sign up for a shark dive, or ask as about the new SSI specialty course Shark Diver.


Our new Scuba Junction dive shop is open.  After 3 months of building and preparation we re-opened for the new season on the 1st December.  We are still in the same great location, in the middle of Sairee Beach.  We love the new building and we're sure all our customers this year will too, so come over and do some diving with us!




The big fish are seen again at the close-by dive site 'white rock' only a 10 minute trip from Scuba Junction.  More good news is the reef sharks are back at Chumphon Pinnacle.  An adult shark was seen by our divers today 16th October 2009.  We are all very happy to have these beautiful, graceful creatures back at the dive sites so we can dive with them.  Come and sign up for a dive!

Help stop shark fining!  Please sign up to increase awareness of this destructive practice.  Over 100,000,000 sharks are lost every year to fining and fishing, some species are on the edge of extinction! 




The all-new, purpose built Scuba J dive shop is almost ready to move into.  In little over two weeks the old store (now 16 years old) will be pulled down to make way for the beach and we move into the new building only next door.  With flat screen TVs, free use internet PCs and all new look we are really excited to move.

The inside and outside is being painted by our friend, instructor and awesome artist Seth Womble.  The look is sure to be unique among the other dive shops of koh Tao and we are sure all our customers are going to love it.  We just have to stop Seth falling through the roof while he paints the high, hard to get areas. Smile For more details of Seth's creations please go to www.sethcre8s.com 



Whale sharks spotted by Scuba Junction September 2009

Scuba Junctions dive boat, the Manta Ray, went to Chumphon Pinnacle at 7am on the 15th of September hoping for big things but nobody dared to mention in out loud.  Whale sharks had been seen around this dive site (12km off Koh Tao) for 5 days were the SJ divers going to be lucky today?

On the boat was a mix of fun divers and students doing their DEEP DIVER SPECIALTY

When the DM poked her head in the water to check to visibility before descending, they saw one of the most easily recognised shadows pass bellow them.  The groups had the pleasure and privilege of spending most of the dive with the 5m long Whaleshark who also came to say hello again while the students were on their safety stop at 5m on the buoy line.

They decided to stay at the dive site for a second dive that morning, with the Whale shark also deciding to hang around between 10m and 20m deep.  All the divers were amazed at the beauty and grace of the the worlds biggest fish.  And they all returned to the dive school with ear to ear smiles.

Don't forget if you ever have the chance to be in the water with one of these amazing creatures, please be considerate to other divers, remember your time, air and depth limits and of course please stay at least 4m away from the shark so it too can enjoy swimming around the site.Laughing


Wreck Photos: 5th September 2009

In bay number 2 of Koh Nagn Nuan commonly known to divers as Japanese Gardens, a perfect wreck sits at 16m.

Recently sunk due to bad weather (no body was harmed) the dive boat was moved to an area where everybody can enjoy it. Easy to find with it's own decent line, it has been a popular place to go with our divers, some taking their open water courses, it makes a great end to the course. 

"Diving around a wreck on my third dive ever was really cool"  Doug UK

The wreck is a small dive boat that now sits upright and is in all one piece, so dives can inspect the wreck and then a short swim over the sand takes them to the coral gardens.  We now schedule trips to the bay a few times a week so it's easy to get out there and check it out.



Buoyancy World is coming to Koh Tao (May 6 2009)

The members of 'Save Koh Tao' and 'Marine Conservation Koh Tao' have recently voted on a new environmental project for 2009.

For those who remember and visit our site earlier, last year a new artificial reef 'BioRock' was funded, built and sank by locals and volunteers, hence creating a new dive site for the future. You can read more on this project on our Marine Conservation page.

For 2009 our project will be 'Buoyancy World' an underwater educational theme park.

The aim or objective is to construct a series of objects to make an interesting, fun dive site where 'new divers' could be taken to practice their buoyancy skills. We all know that mastering buoyancy is one of the key skills to avoid negative interaction with marine life and corals.

It will also double as coral and giant clam nursery where they can be nurtured and give the chance to grow in a protected environment before transplanting them to the dive sites

We will keep you updated during this year on the progress of this new and exciting project.


SJs Mooring Buoy Project (April 2009)

Scuba Junction is part of the dive centers that have volunteered to install and maintain mooring buoys around Koh Tao. Without mooring buoys ankers are being dropped and this has a devastating effect on coral reefs.

mooring buoy project

 mooring buoy project koh tao

Mooring buoys snap in rough seas or get stolen (and sold on the mainland) so regular maintenance and replacing or installing new ones is very important.

Yesterday a team of 8 divers went down to install a new mooring on Chumphon Pinnacle, one of the most popular dive sites of Koh Tao. Natasha (Canada), Kelly (UK), Kalle (Sweden), Kasia and Pat (Poland) are all DMTs at Scuba Junction, together with Alex, Jez and K, instructors working at Scuba Junction had the hard task of securing this mooring line around Barrakuda Rock at a depth of 25 meters. It was a stronger than normal current, which didn't facilitate the tasks, but thanks to Jez's experience as a Navy diver and the hard work of everyone involved, the job was done on 3 dives.

The mooring buoys that will be installed around Koh Tao were all donated to Marine Conservation Koh Tao by the Thai Royal Navy.

mooring buoy project Koh Tao

 mooring buoy project


Dive For Earth Clean-up April 22nd

Protect the Reef

Every year since 1970 on April 22nd EARTH Day is celebrated intended to create more awareness and appreciation for the Earth Environment. Unfortunately nobody disagrees that our environment is in trouble and our oceans in dire need of help.

We would like to invite you on this special day to sign up for volunteer projects organized all over the world. On Koh Tao, Scuba Junction together with Save Koh Tao and other dive centers on Koh Tao organizes Beach and Reef Clean ups.

All participants dive for for free, as long as you are willing to extend us a hand.



Under water engagement (published March 23, 2009)

Yesterday became an unforgettable day for Ivan and Ivana from Croatia.They both got certified as SSI Open Water divers, which is for many already a dream come true, but how about topping that up with a marriage proposal ?

Ivan had been playing with the idea of doing something very special to ask Ivana to marry him, and how unique is popping the question under water ?

Yesterday on the last dive of their SSI Open Water Course Ivan proposed to Ivana ! She had no idea this was going to happen, but everyone else in the dive shop knew ! Their instructor, Natalie Alderton, was so thrilled and excited she managed to cry even more than Ivana who happily accepted Ivan's proposal.

Everyone at Scuba Junction wishes them luck and fortune and maybe we can report on an underwater wedding at Scuba Junction soon....  

underwater engagement on Koh Tao














Recommended on TripAdvisor (posted March 18)

Recommended on TripAdvisor




Now we also received additional recommendations on TripAdvisor for our service.

We are very pleased that our customers recognize the extra effort Scuba Junction  makes to make sure everyone has the best possible diving experience on Koh Tao. We already received recognition on Lonely Planet Forums, nominated 'Best Dive Operator on Koh Tao' by www.i-escape.com and PADI extended us 'Recognition for Excellence in scuba dive Training'.

We are committed to continuing our efforts in improving our service so that no one leaves SJ disappointed.

Save Koh Tao Festival (March 21st-22nd 2010) 

The annual Save Koh Tao Festival is coming up again, this year it will be organised on March 21st-22nd.

We would like to invite all of you to participate, all proceedings of this festival will be donated to Marine Conservation efforts of Save Koh Tao !

It will be a great two days of fun with Mr. and Mrs. Save Koh Tao, photo competition, games, live music etc..

Save Koh TaoSave Koh Tao is a community group which has been created over the last few years by Local residents who wish to address the environmental and social problems being faced on the Island. The group is built of members who wish strongly to preserve our local culture, coral Reefs, and land resources while at the same time ensuring the long term sustainability of the Island economy.
Many members of the group have lived on Koh Tao for a long time and have seen drastic changes on the island, both positive and negative. We believe that through education, conservation, and careful planning the beauty and health of the island can be preserved for ourselves and future generations to enjoy.

The Save Koh Tao group is divided into three branches; Education, Land Conservation, and Marine Conservation. Each are all equally important and function together to address the various issues being faced around the island.

The Marine Conservation brand organizes monthly Beach and Reef Clean Ups, but also bigger projects like BioRock.You can read more on our efforts on our Marine Conservation page.


Customer Reviews (Posted Sunday 14th February 2010)

At Scuba Junction we encourage our divers to give us their feedback on what they think of our service.  Whether it be good or bad, reviews are important for us to able to improve our service level.

Apart from our Guest Comments book (in the dive center) we have also Review Forms that are handed out and we regularly receive feed back via email, Face Book and everyone can post his/her experiences on the many travel/dive forums.

An email from Robert Zackowski 16th December 2009

 "Hi Natalie, Nick, G and Crew I have a great time diving with you over the 10 days I spent in Koh Tao. You made me feel very comfortable and welcome and I learned a lot on every dive. So far I have given out many of your cards to people as I wanted to tell the world! I also emailed Lonely Planet to let them know some positive things about you, thanks again Rob Z".

I would like to share this email we received from Jean-Nicolas recently. Jean-Nicolas was certified by a lesser known training agency (SNSI) and received some conflicting information on the validity of his certification level before contacting us.

More than 20 training agencies are recognized world wide , including SNSI. A certification card issued by any of those agencies allows divers to go diving and continue their education with different agencies, in this case Jean-Nicolas can continue with us towards Advanced with PADI or SSI and doesn't have to redo his Open Water Course. The diving industry has organized this recognition under the World Recreational Scuba Training Council so that all agencies including the smaller ones have the same recognition as SSI or PADI courses.

In case of doubt about the recognition of training levels and certifications, please contact us and we will supply you with all the relevant information.

First of all, I'd like to say that I've read only positive comments on you and your diving center on the internet. Definitely, you are up to that good reputation by the look of the replies and information you've giving me in 2 days!

I got all I needed to be reassure about the PADI AOWD course and the recognition of my SNSI OWD certification.
The fact that sept-oct is the whaleshark season is just what I needed to make a decision!!!

I will be coming sometime in sept-oct and will be booking my stay much more than 4 weeks in advance!

Thank you again, you've been a great help and it nice to start in the diving world with such pleasant contacts such as yourself.

If you see that the bookings for that period are coming faster than expected, please do not hesitate to contact me so I don't lose this much anticipated opportunity!



World Recreational Scuba Training Council



 First Reef Clean up of 2009(published February 2, 2009)

 Last Saturday (Jan. 31st) Marine Conservation Koh Tao organized its first Clean Up of the year, and 'unfortunately' it was a success with almost 1000

Recycle please !

kilos of trash lifted from Chalok Baan Kao.

 In total 10 diveshops participated this time and also  Scuba Junction had a full boat of volunteers participating 'cleaning' 2    dive sites that day. 

The heaviest objects were some old tyres (which are used here as fenders), fishing nets (especially dangerous as they keep killing marine life), batteries and all types of plastics (including a cell phone).

During the rainy and windy months of October - December, fishing boats come and shelter in the bays from the wind, but unfortunately these poor and not educated people don't always understand that used batteries belong in a recycle Reef Clean upcontainer, not at the bottom of the sea.

Together with Save Koh Tao, we are looking at ways to educate and pass on information to try to change behaviour.

What is great to see already is that local boat captains (of the dive boats) start to understand the problem and ALL of them are ex-fishing boat captains with connections in the fishing industry.

As we have learned the past few years is that the best results are achieved from the bottom upwards, which is also the 'slowest way'.

NEXT CLEAN UP WILL BE ON FEBRUARY 28th with free dives for those who would like to give us a hand.

Marine Conservation in 2009 (published January 12, 2009)

In 2008 the Koh Tao community with the help from local dive shops and other business, made tremendous steps forward. Not only was the Biorock project very successful and new corals are growing on the new artificial reef, but also the monthly reef and beach clean ups were a 'success'.

Over 2008, many people helped out and in total was 2500 kilo (!) of waste that was left behind on the beach or much worse underwater, collected and properly taken care off !

At the same time, more and more recycle points are introduced and more and more shops on Koh Tao change to biodegradable bags instead of plastic. Please keep in mind that you don't always need a plastic bag, so don't forget to say NO to PLASTIC.

Together with Marine Conservation, Scuba Junction will continue its efforts in 2009 to help make a difference, alone we might not have much impact, that is why we need your help !

The next Beach and Reef Clean up will be January 31st, as usual participating is FREE, with 2 dives included in the fun. All 'Splash for Trash' volunteers will be invited to a free BBQ on the beach where you can catch up with what else in happening on Koh Tao...

This year, Scuba Junction will become one of the SSI Divecenters through which a new educational program will be launched and those interested will be able to become certified as ECOlogical Divers. This course will not only emphasize on  Reef friendly Dive Techniques but also contains theory on Reef Ecology and Reef Monitoring Techniques to asses levels of health in corals. 

This information will help assess the situation in certain areas so appropriate steps can be taken in advance to help minimize permanent damage. More information on this new SSI course will be available next month and we will keep you informed.

For all of those who helped last year, a BIG thank and we hope we have the same success in 2009 !


NEW FOR 2009 (posted December 27th 2008)

Free Nitrox    

For fun divers and courses...

We at Scuba Junction have decided to start the New Year with a BANG, there has been enough misery in 2008 with credit crunches, ridiculous oil prices, recessions, wars and we will only bring good and preferably FANTASTIC news.

From 2009 onwards, we offer all divers FREE Nitrox tanks (with a 6 dive package) so you will save 1.200 THB ( 200 THB per Nitrox fill) and  now every one can do it longer and safer in 2009 !

To make it even better, we will slash the prices for our fun dives to 850 THB per dive (all equipment and computer included) and for those doing 10+ dives it will only be 750 THB per dive.

We will also incorporate FREE Discover EanX with all our SSI Advanced Courses  and give our students the chance to get certified as an EanX diver at a ridiculous low rate of 2.950 THB 

We hope you like our New Years present and we have decided it should stay New Year the whole year, so these conditions stay valid the whole of 2009....

MONTHLY REEF CLEAN UP A SUCCESS? (posted Dec, 20th 2008)

This morning 22 people participated in our monthly reef clean up, the participants came from all corners of the globe (Finland, Germany, US, Canada, Switzerland) and it was 'unfortunately' a success.

Bottles and cans, batteries, plastic, PVC and even a welly boot and a cell phone were taken out of the water will no longer harm the underwater eco system.

Scuba Junction would like to thank all those that volunteered and we are inviting you already for our next clean up on January 28th. Participation is completely free !

Monthly Reef Clean Up









MONSOON SEASON FINISHED ? (posted December 12th 2008)

 On the East Coast of Thailand (where we are) our annual NE monsoon rages from somewhere starting in October and usually ending December-January.

Weather isn't an exact science, and every year it tends to be different. Last year it started raining very heavy mid October and it stopped just before Christmas, more than 2 months heavy rain.

This year October was fantastic and it only started raining on November 7th, for about 3 weeks. Now we are almost half way December and it hasn't rained this month anymore and the NE wind is starting to subside as well, which is an indication that the monsoon is running on its last legs.

Without making any prediction but based on our 9 year experience on Koh Tao, we could say that the monsoon this year is a very mild one (like 2006) and that the heaviest rains are over...

We won't have a white Christmas on Koh Tao, but it will be a dry, sunny and tropical hot one...

OPEN FOR THE NEW SEASON (posted December 6th 2008)

Our first customers have arrived and started their journey into the magnificent underwater world.

Yesterday Andreas and Helen were the first newly certified divers of our new season, Natalie (their instructor) helped them find a new passion. Both decide to continue their journey and started the Advanced course today.

We have been getting questions the last few weeks about Thailand and how safe it is for foreigners. Despite the political problems, Thailand is still a very safe place to come on holiday. There are no religious extremist targeting foreigners like in other SE Asian countries  and the unrest of the past few weeks is purely Thai politics with Thai people opposing the current government.

Like in Europe or other democratic countries in the world, people strike (teachers, nurses, truck drivers, miners etc..) and  use peaceful means to get their message across in demonstrations, and blockades of harbors, roads, factories etc. Unfortunately the blockade of the House of Parliament and Residence of the PM in Thailand , didn't have the desired effect according to the protesters and a more drastic approach was required by blocking the international airport.

This caused a lot of problems for thousands of people wanting to leave or wanting to visit Thailand, we hope that this has not deterred you from visiting this magnificent country and its hospitable  people in the future.



Annually we cease diving operations for one month in November, during which all our regulators, tanks, compressors and boats are completely overhauled and fully serviced. Apologies for not being able to accommodate you during this time. We are open again on December 1st for the new season.