White Rock

Location: Western side of Koh Tao
Depth: Average 16 m / Maximum 28 m
Level of Diving: Beginner to Experienced Divers

White Rock is one of the most popular dive sites of Koh Tao for both day and night dives. It is home to the titan triggerfish, some of which occasionally act quite aggressively. The rock structures are a number of elevated shelves that provide shelter for honeycomb groupers, long-spine black sea urchins and various sea anemones, along with the soft coral mix with knob and pore corals and the colorful Christmas tree worms. If you enjoy underwater photography then this dive site provides the composition, and marine life for great pictures.

Maarten, Padi Instructor.

Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.

I finally saw my first Bull Shark the other day!!!

I have been working in the dive industry now for 6 years, and I’ve seen a few different species of sharks, Grey Reef’s, White tip Reef’s Tourney Nurse, Leopard Black Tip Reef’s and also Bamboo sharks, all of which have been amazing encounters. The Bull Shark has been by far the most emotional.
It was just a juvenile around 30-40cm and in the strangest surroundings ever!!! There is was lying there with some enormous shrimp on a bed of ice standing out found of a road side BBQ restaurant in Samui. Seriously, is it not enough cutting the fins of live adults sharks to make a bowl of soup, you have to BBQ baby sharks too.
Sharks have been on this planet for 400 million years, in the last 3 years I’ve seen no adult sharks, we are wiping them out at an astronomical rate. Its estimated that each shark would be worth $1 million in eco-tourism in its lifetime, or im guessing a thousand Baht or so on the BBQ. Seriously DO NOT buy or consume any shark products, we need these amazing animals in our oceans not only for tourism but primarily in order to maintain the survival of our planet!!!!

Steven. Padi Instructor.
Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.

Favourite restaurant:Barracuda.

One of the best restaurants on Koh Tao, located in Siaree village near to the Queens Cabaret show! This restaurant can be full most nights but there is another located in the new walking street. It is best to pre book to avoid dissapointment. Their menu is large with a choice of barracuda dishes as well as lamb shank, steaks, ribs and seafood or meat platters. A must try for anyone eating here is definitely the barracuda which can be fried with shrimp,baked in Parma ham or beer battered with home style chips and mushy peas on top. This is my personal favourite.If you happen to call into the dive centre then ask any member of staff to show you where the restaurant's are located.
Thomas, Padi Instructor.
Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.

Why you should visit Koh Tao?

Because it is not just a small Island filled with only Scuba Divers! It also has so much to offer like wonderful landscapes, beautiful pristine beaches and hidden bays and some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen in my life!!!

Ahhhh, Don't forget about the amazing snorkeling that you can get cheap cheap taking a taxi boat, longtail, just for 300 batch per person. Or renting a bike to discover on your own BUT please pay the extra 100bt for the insurance. Totally recommend because you can have a small accident and it could cost you a small fortune when you return the bike.

A day trip to Koh Nangyuan islands is the most stunning Island that I ever have been to and have to be a obligatory day trip during your time in Koh Tao.

As well you can find a huge variety of restuarants all around the Island. Rock climbing, amazing resorts or cheap bungalows or Backpacker hostels for all kinds of pockets. Fishing trips, massages shops, good view points, etc.

Best time to visit Koh Tao for me is January, February, April (Thai New Year, Songkran), July, August and December. It is the high season but all year around is nice except during monsoon time that can vary on the last months of the year.

Most of the people come for a few days and stay longer, that mean be carful because some people stay for ever like me!

Francisco, Padi Instructor.
Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.

Respecting Thai Culture while on Holiday

It takes five minutes to check the local customs and manners before you travel, and it makes a huge difference to how you are perceived. We are huge proponents of being responsible under water- and that can extend to your behaviour on land too!

Here are three things to bear in mind while enjoying your stay in Thailand-

Nudity is not allowed and it is rude to walk around in a bikini (or shirtless, if you're male); the exception of course, is on the beach. While it is very hot, cover up with a loose vest and shorts to avoid offending the locals when walking in town.

It is also disrespectful to touch things or point with your feet, and they are considered the dirtiest part of the body. Don't rest your feet on chairs, don't face your bare soles to people, and don't move other people's belongings with your feet.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the King is universally adored and revered in this country. To speak out against him is actually illegal, and will at the very least upset any Thais around you. Similarly, any images or statues of Buddha are sacred, and need to be treated as such.