Here at Scuba Junction we spend most of our time under water and that is of cause why we always wonder what makes animals in the sea so special
Blue Ring Angel Fish : eats other fish 
Rabbit Fish :               has toxic spines
Butterfly Fish :           can descend to 180 m
Long Fin Banner Fish: you can meet this fish around the world, even in Japan
Puffer Fish :               can move his eyes independently and change his colour
Shark :                      over 500 different species from 17 cm up to 12 m 
                                  they can live in depths of 2000 m and are the top of the food chain
                                100 million get fished every year that makes the shark to one of the most threatened species by human activities
Octopus :          has no skeleton but three hearts
                        in the Hawaiian Mythology it is believed that the Octopus is a lone survivor of an Alien Universe
Sea Shepherd : is a non-profit marine conversation organization
                        they use direct action tactics to protect marine life
                        Hope to see you next time at Scuba Junction!!
Niki Head Instructor.
Do you still remember your first dive? I remember mine as if it was yesterday. The excitement, the nervousness, the feeling of not knowing fully what to expect as I´d done my confined training in a pool. 
What I do remember more than anything is how my instructor, who was maybe not the best in teaching theory but had fantastic underwater teaching qualities, made me feel absolutely calm and safe. He was so attentive to details and his own passion for diving was addictive. I finished my open water course with a big smile and a newfound passion.
This was 13 years ago, but it’s still a vivid memory. Every open water course I now teach myself I go back to this memory. And I relive it as I see my own students taking their first breaths underwater and starting to explore the wonders of the underwater world. Seeing the smiles on my students makes me smile from my heart and know I’m in the right place at the right time living the life of my choice.
I wish all people of the world would have the opportunity to freely choose their path of life. I believe the basis for people to be happy and content is to freely be able to choose where to live, what to study or which career path to follow, who to love and share your life with. And I believe truly happy and content people will accept and love instead of fear and hate. We need more acceptance and love, the world needs more happy people!
Caritha Karlsson. Padi and SSI Instructor
Christmas and New Year.
It is a little strange living in Thailand over the holiday season but it is still enjoyable. There are plenty of restaurants doing Christmas dinners with all the trimmings you would find on your dinner table at home.
Walking around Koh Tao on Christmas day you will find many shops, bars restaurants and dive centres open but not Scuba Junction. We like to let all our staff and customers enjoy their Christmas every year.
Not sure that the Thai people fully understand why we celebrate Christmas! I asked one once and his reply was it was Santa’s birthday! Thais will celebrate anything if it means they get to have a party and have a good time.
New Year’s Eve is another massive night for Koh Tao and if you walk down the beaches every bar is celebrating the night just as much as anywhere else in the world.  There will be fireworks at midnight, the usual count downs can be heard in every bar and restaurant. 
With many happy revellers around you some times forget that you are actually on a tropical island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. This night is a big one both for westerner’s and Thais alike, so again we will be one of the dive centre’s to be closed on the 1st of January. So everyone can let their hair down and party hard until the early hours of the New Year.
From the Scuba Junction family, we hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Come visit soon and enjoy a party or two here on Koh Tao, the next big party will be the Thai New Year in April and this is the most fun New Year you can imagine.
Scuba J all the way.

Hot Season…

Surprisingly there is a hot season in Thailand, which runs through March, April and May. These three months are usually the hottest in the Thai calendar year, here on Koh Tao. Imagine sweating while having a cold shower!! This often happens at this time of year.
Hot season is great as it usually brings very calm surface conditions, almost like a mirror surface with very good visibility and perfect diving conditions, the best of the year for Koh Tao. During hot season there are more chances of seeing a Whale Shark as they tend to be more often seen in the hot season than any other time in the year. 
To help cool off in April it will be Thai New Year, commonly referred to as the Songkran festival, in some parts of Thailand Songkran goes on for seven to ten days but here in the south of Thailand the celebrations only last a day or two at the most. What is Songkran? It’s the biggest water fight you will ever experience in your life time and begins on April 13th here on Koh Tao.
If you’re considering traveling to Thailand for Songkran in 2016, be prepared to get soaked having the time of your life in a fun and exciting water fight (all in good fun). The Thai New Year always takes place in the hottest time of the year, so it’s the perfect time for water play; you’ll feel like a kid again. Everyone will have plenty of fun spraying and splashing each other. While a lot of the water will come from the usual water guns, hoses and buckets, wetting down passers-by, there are party goer’s who will drive around with 44 gallons of water, catching everyone by surprise; it’s all in good fun and a fun way to cool off.
Once the party is over and you have dried yourself off, then get wet again by going diving in some of the best possible conditions you can experience throughout the year here on Koh Tao.
Our new season at Scuba Junction is underway but always when a new season starts every one is a little nervous! It feels a little bit like the first day back at school, when everything is new to you.
The dive centre was thoroughly cleaned, new items purchased and things painted. The dive boat and long tail boat went away, to have their engines serviced, the minor faults repaired and both boats repainted and are now looking like the best kept boats on Koh Tao. 
These are just the material items of the dive centre but the dive staff has seen a major change as well, as is what is normal for every new season here on Koh Tao.
Our head instructor team now consists of an English man, a Scott’s man and an Irish man, so you can imagine the jokes and laughs that are always coming out with these three around. Steven, Ian and Thomas are able to teach both Padi and SSI courses and bring a wealth of experience and fun to the dive centre with never a dull moment so long as you can understand their soft accents.
The Divemaster team consists of Lana from England and Marie from Norway, too exceptional girls that love to dive and are always finding new and exciting aquatic life to show their divers on every trip. 
With a new freelance team already joining the family in our first month, with Caritha from Sweden and Mario from Austria both are Padi and SSI instructor’s, Keri and Daisy from England, Dimitri from Belgium and Julie from France, all of which are Padi instructors. You are sure to have a great experience whether you are taking a dive course, going on fun dives. Or just chilling out with a cold drink at the dive centre, watching the sun set with the crew at the end of your diving day. 
For the Scuba Junction family the new season is always fun and exciting with just a little nervousness to keep us all on our toes. With so many social gatherings to look forward to, with certifying dinners most evenings, our weekly BBQ returning and Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! Now not so far away! 
So come and join us for our new season and be like so many of our previous customers and join the family, have fun while you learn in a dive location you will return to for many seasons to come.
Scuba J all the way.