Hallo Ihr Lieben!

Warun ich immerwieder nach Thailand, Koh Tao zurueckkomme?

Die Antwort ist ganz einfach:

Ich liebe die thailaendische Kueche, vor allem die scharfe Suppe von Lantas einem kleinen Restaurent hier bei Scuba Junction um die Ecke. Schnell, einfach und  koestlich!!

Ich Tauche fuer mein Leben gerne, es gibt nichts schoeneres als der Stille unterwasser zu lauschen, unsere Artenvielfalt zu bestaunen und all das mit meinen Tauchbuddys zu teilen, denn jeder Tauchgang birgt neue Ueberraschungen!!

Der Lifestyle...nun Ihr wisst wahrscheinlich was ich damit meine...mit Freunden ein Bierchen am Strand, den Feuertaenzern zuschauen, neue Menschen kennen lernen, viel Sonne und wieder Tauchen!

Unsere Hunde hier bei Scuba Junction, die Euch Freunde fuers Leben werden koennen, besonders, wenn Ihr Ihnen den einen oder anderen Happen anbietet, denn teilen schweisst ja angeblich zusammen.

Mein Fazit daher: nehmt euren Jahresurlaub, bucht euren Flug, geht mit uns auf Schnuppertauchkurs, lasst Euch begeistern, bleibt einfach laenger und werdet Profi Taucher...so wie ich vor knapp vier Yahren hier gelandet bin....und es war die beste Endscheidung meines lebens!!! 

Niki, SSI & PADI Instructor

If you stay for a while in Koh Tao, chances are that your going to be come acquainted with the Titan Triggerfish! With its colorful markings and side-to-side swimming these beauties are some of the bigger fish you can see at all reefs in Koh Tao. However if you are not careful your joy of seeing one could quickly turn to fear!

A few times a year they will mate, where you are rewarded with a spiraling dance often going right up to the surface, a few days after the females, and sometimes the males as well, will sit in their "nest" (a hole dug out in sandy areas) and protect the eggs against anything! You will see them chasing fish away and if you cant read the signs they will also chase you! Look out for the "trigger" their dorsal fin that sticks up to warn of an imminent attack!

If it does decide you are too close it will, with lightening speed, rush you... Normally turning away at the last moment! This is your warning! "Get away". But your getaway will also affect the Triggerfish. If you start to kick like mad, the trigger will more than likely keep attacking you for a while! So the trick is stay calm just as PADI or SSI taught you! Watch what he does, then swim away slowly! If your lucky you might have a tooth mark in your fins to show the others on the boat!

I think it has to be a part of every DMT (divemaster training) course. Learn the signs of the trigger and respect. Then you can learn when it is safe to approach and when its best to keep your distance.

G, Head Instructor, Scuba Junction


Wild Challenge Koh Tao - The Toughest Event in Asia


On December 13, 2014 Wild Challenge Koh Tao - December 2014 will be hosting a fundraising event on Koh Tao together with their running event from Maya Beach Club
Ways you can help

- Enter a team in the Wild Challenge Event
- Donate a prize or service – anything as a prize for the raffle
- Purchase a Raffle Ticket
- Join us for the after party at Maya Bar in Sairee

Daily Schedule
Kids Challenge – From 11.30am
Wild Challenge Event – From 1pm
After Party – From 8.00pm
Raffle Winners – 8.30pm

Raffle Ticket Details
Ist Prize: Ipad Mini 2nd Prize: GoPro White Edition
Many More Great Prizes
Tickets: 100b each
Drawn at Post Event Party, Maya Bar, Sairee Beach
December 13, 2014 at 8.30pm
Proceeds donated to the Koh Tao Primary and Secondary School

รางวัลที่ 1: iPad Mini, รางวัลที่ 2: GoPro
รางวัล อื่น ๆ อีกมากมาย
บัตรราคา 100 บาท
จับรางวัลในงานเลี้ยงที่ บาร์มายา, หาดทรายรี
วันที่13 ธันวาคม 2557 เวลา 20:30 น.
กำไรจากการแข่งขันบริจาคให้กับโรงเรียนบนเกาะเต่า ชั้นประถมศึกษา

It would be great to see as many of you support this cause as possible. It is designed to be a community event for the whole island.
Thank you in advance.

Contact: Nathan Cook 087 590 8548


It is like the first day back at school when we re open on the 1st of December for the start of our new season. Great to be with staff, friends and new staff for the 1st time for a month, great to have the dive boats back on time, newly painted and engines serviced, all the equipment serviced or replaced. Everyone is on a high and can not wait for the first customers to come through the door. Exciting times ahead!!

For those that are traveling away from home for Christmas and the New Year for the first time, it is a little strange walking on the beach on Christmas day in 30c to 40c temperatures and shops and restaurants are all open. There are a few restaurants serving traditional Christmas dinners but instead of wearing a wooly jumper you will be in beach wear. New Years Eve is one of the biggest nights on Koh Tao, with many of the beach bars and night clubs banging out tunes until early morning, with count downs and fireworks to bring in the New Year!

Dont miss out!! get here asap.

Scuba Junction

December Is High Season - Book now to avoid any disappointment

Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe December

Open for high season from 01st December

Come in from 8am - 7.30pm for all your diving needs

From Scuba Junction A Merry Christmas

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