Let's take a moment and just be completely honest here: it can be quite scary to take your first breath underwater. You've never done anything like it before. Your brain is telling you it's wrong, it's yelling at you “get to the surface you fool before you hurt yourself”. But then you relax, you center yourself, you think about something happy to calm yourself down like your adorable animal at home or that delicious meal you stuffed your face with last night, and then you realize you're safe. You find your peace, you take a breath, and, lo and behold, you're okay. You're more than okay, you're in a whole new world. Scuba Junction Diving Advanced open water night dive here we come

I know first hand how nervous or anxious you may be about starting your new scuba adventure underwater. Remember we were all there, right where you are now, at one point in our lives. I too thought there was no way I could muster the strength to breathe through this crazy contraption my instructor assured me would keep me safe. I too had to tell my brain to quiet down while it screamed at me to head back up to the surface. But then I thought about how excited I was going to be once I over came it and how much I was going to brag about it to my friends once I got home. All through this, I had the ever constant support and encouragement from my Instructor. He was always there, making eye contact with me, asking me if I was okay, reminding me to breathe, and just his presence gave me the support I needed to take my first breaths underwater. I carry this same technique in my own teaching style, making sure each and every one of my students feel supported and safe while we explore the amazing underwater world together.

As Instructors we have double duty, not only do we teach you the appropriate techniques and skills you need to be a good scuba diver, but we also serve as a sort of underwater counsellor. We use all forms of tactics to help you feel safe and calm while diving, from making sure all skills are thoroughly briefed, adding little personal stories about our own experiences, and offering corny jokes to help relieve any tension. At Scuba Junction Diving, we also have a maximum of 4 students to 1 instructor. This means you get the added attention you need to help you feel safe and comfortable during the entire length of your course. No pressure, no rushing, just a slow relaxed atmosphere conducive to all learning types.

So jump in, take the plunge and face that fear. Truly, as an Instructor, the coolest thing about my job is getting to watch the pure joy you will feel when you accomplish this incredible goal. Let me be like Disney's Aladdin, let me show you a whole new world, shining, shimmering, splendid. A new fantastic point of view.

Instructor Lucy