Let Scuba into your life...Time to tick it off the bucket list
Never tried diving? Sitting on the sofa at home reading this? Let this blog open your eyes to the pure beauty of scuba diving and will have you reaching for nearest flight booking app!My name is Luchia Stone and I once was you, reading this from a laptop screen in rainy England (yes it does rain all the time) and now 3 years later I am a head instructor at Scuba Junction Diving still slightly perplexed that I am still here and with no regrets!Scuba Junction Diving is a small friendly safety conscious PADI 5 star dive center located on the idyllic beach front in Sairee, Koh Tao. We offer a range of dive courses from PADI Discover Scuba Diving right through to PADI Dive Master. This blog is going to look at how to become a PADI Open diver and how you can achieve your dreams in just 3 and a half days. (yes just 3 and a half days!!)Let me first explain how the course runs and the most important things you need to know! Scuba Diving is relatively easy to learn, but do make sure you are trained by a reputable school with experienced staff. Proper training will also make you aware of the most common problems that you could encounter underwater. Scuba Junction Diving acedemics in the classroom

Make sure that you are medically and physically fit to dive as certain medical conditions are not compatible with diving. Aside from physiological factors, it also helps to be physically fit. As you will need to swim 200metes and float for 10 minutes as part of your course, the fitter you are the easier diving is! Dust of those running shoes or brave the outdoor pool! We can send you a medical form prior to booking with us.Always double check that you don't need any vaccination jabs and you have travel insurance. You will be insured for all your scuba diving with Scuba Junction Diving.So you've arrived! for your 4pm start. You will be welcomed by one of our lovely staff members for your orientation. During your orientation you will fill in all your paper work and be shown around our lovely dive center. Its then into the classroom for the first 3 PADI videos. Finishing at around 6:30pm just in time for that all important selfie as the sun sets! 

The next day starts at 8:00am with some theory, equipment set up and fitting you into our equipment. All our Scuba Pro equipment is fully serviced and maintained however you may want to purchase something of your own and your instructor will be more that happy to help you find that perfect mask. (I like mine all pink!) After a healthy lunch of local pad thai its out on to the boat to get down with the local aquatic life of Koh Tao. From taking those first underwater breaths you will realise how relaxing scuba diving is! We arrive back at the shop around 5pm to log our dives and plan the next day. At 8:00am we start the next day for some more videos, theory, diving and practicing being neutral buoyancy (feeling totally weightless whilst diving) and of course not forgetting cleaning our scuba gear after each day! 


Scuba Junction Diving open water students on the mantaray boatThe final day is here and its a 06:45am start (dont worry we have coffee on the boat for those that are not early birds) and we are out to make our final open water dives too. We get back at 11am to finish that all important paper work for your final certification! Not forgetting sharing our experiences on facebook, instagram and making friends at home very jealous! Take the afternoon to relax and then we can all celebrate with our certification dinner with your new buddies at one of the many restaurants on Koh Tao and drink a well earnd beer (or maybe 3!) The PADI Open Water course certifies you to 18m and lasts for life, something that needs celebrating!So whats next...Seems logical that since you flew all the way out here, why stop diving? Continue with the PADI Advanced Open Water..5 dives in 2 days? How you may ask. Simplest answer..book a flight, pack a suitcase and come and see us! Turtles, Whale sharks and our famous Trigger fish are all waiting for you! It was the best decision I ever made and my life would not of been the same with out SCUBA J! Do one thing different today and you never know where it could lead you!