We all love scuba diving and we all love animals. Except for hundreds of fish species there is more to explore when youre with Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd. Lets pick a normal day in the life. You walk down the street with the Scuba Junction Dive shop in sight. Once you come closer you notice one of our colourfull drawings on our "todays news" bill board at the entrance of our dive centre, but there is more! This "todays news" board is the favourite place to hang around for our pet Yuyu(Photo 2).
Yuyu is one of the street dogs that hang around at our dive centre. She is the most friendly and wisest dog of all the dogs. Once you pass by and say hello to the dog, she will roll over to her back and open up for a nice cuddle on her chest. As Yuyu is a busy dog, sometimes shes gone to manage all different kind of problems between all other dogs in this area. Any territorial problem will be fixed without fighting for she earned the right to be called the most wise dog in this area. Bart blog picture
Dont like dogs? No problem, once in the shop ready to sign yourself up for your dive experience youll find Number One(Photo 1). Number one is a black cat which basically sleeps 90% of the day in the middle of the counter exactly where you want to sign up for a dive. If she wakes up she asks you to fill her bowl with cat food; so she can go to sleep again well fed! Also Number One loves to be cuddled from time to time, and she likes the fan in the shop to cool herself down! Meow!
Once you walk over the beach towards our longtail-taxi boat you meet Sjack(Photo 3). Sjack is an old black dog that lives on the beach. We divers have one thing in common with Sjack; searching for fish! He searches in very shallow water close to Sairee reef. It is still a mystery why he stares at the corals for hours. There might be some interesting little fishies or crabs hiding!
If you come back from a dive and enjoy the sunset with us directly in the back of our shop your gonna notice George (Photo 4)! George is 4 years old and was found in the jungle as a pup and brought in by one of our past instructors. He is scared of everything that happens there for its hard to get close. Once you take out your camera to shoot a picture of the lovely sunset; George will jump in front to photo bomb your picture. Not a bad poser as he's a little German Sheperd that stays puppy forever!
Youre more than welcome to meet all our friendly pets in and around our dive centre!
Written by Bart Huis in 't Veld - Open Water Scuba Instructor at Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.