It's a beautiful sunny morning and you're on your way to a local dive site with two of your dive buddies. You're stoked to check out a bay you haven't dived before and can't wait to see what lies below the water. When you arrive it seems like the conditions are great for making a dive off the end of the beach close to a pier. You gear up and do your buddy check and make your way out to deeper water. After about ten minutes you get around the old stone pier and the current picks up quite a lot. You try to signal your buddies that you want to turn around and head back before the current gets too strong. However, one of the buddies is a bit ahead and seems to be caught in the current taking him further away. You try to keep up but unfortunately he suddenly seems to be lost. As prudent divers you search for him for one minute before you return to the surface as agreed in the dive briefing. After several minutes at the surface there is still no sign of him and you need to make a plan for how to deal with this emergency situation.
RoarDuring your training towards becoming a rescue diver you will learn how to deal with a scenario like this and many other emergency situations divers can be exposed to. During the PADI Rescue Diver course you will learn about how to search for a missing diver and what to do if you find a diver unresponsive. You will also learn how to deal with distressed and overexerted divers both at the surface and underwater. These are just a few of the rescue exercises we will practice along with other skills and scenarios. In addition to the rescue program, you will also spend a day where we teach you basic first aid training and have you comfortable and competent in providing primary and secondary care. 
I try to run my rescue courses in the most realistic way as possible without taking focus away from safety. I expect my students to study and give their best to perform all parts of the program, but I also implement my own twists to make it both a fun and informative learning experience. 
Being a good diver isn't just about learning how to dive yourself, it also involves learning how to take care of your buddy or other fellow divers. So if you're looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills as a diver and practice a variety of rescue scenarios then the rescue program is the right choice for you! Send us an email and let us know when we can sign you up for our next PADI Rescue Diver course. 
Instructor Roar