You are a certified diver, but now what?

Perhaps you would like a little more freedom to dive DEEPER , or you would like to develop your NAVIGATION skills, enabling you to surface close to the boat at the end of the dive. And why not visit the reef at NIGHT to discover life that is hidden during the day…

Certified today at scuba junction diving The Advanced Diver certification can help you achieve all this and more!

The course is structured with the emphasis on diving and is a lot more fun than the Open Water Course.

5 dives are scheduled over 2 days and are designed to help you explore new aspects of diving, in a fun and relaxed manner (no more taking off the mask like in OW course).

The deep dive helps you to understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of deeper diving, such as seeing different forms of marine life, or experiencing nitrogen narcosis for the first time.

The navigation dive helps you master compass use, and introduces you to the techniques of distance estimation and natural navigation. Allowing you to gain a mental picture of the site and return to the boat every time.
There are three other dives you can choose from a long list of possibilities. Here are the most popular choices.

In the EanX dive you discover that there is more than just ‘air’  you can breathe under water.

Maybe you want to see the barracudas feeding or stingrays roaming the bottom around White Rock during the night dive.
Perhaps you would like to learn more on computer diving  (all SJ divers get to use for free a dive computer!) , or learn to identify more of the many different species of marine life, on the naturalist dive and a new one to Koh Tao's list is Wreck Dive - dive around an ex navy vessel, the HTMS Sattakut which lies between 20 to 29mtrs.

If you are worried about your buoyancy. No problem! The peak performance buoyancy dive is for you, and it is great to perfect your skills before a photography dive, so you can hang motionless to get the perfect shot of the huge groupers at Chumphon Pinnacle.

Please be aware, that there is a extra rental charge of 1,500baht for the camera for the photography dive, a extra 1,500baht charge for DPV rental and an extra charge of 400baht for a Nitrox tank.

Whichever options you choose Scuba Junction has the flexibility to meet your needs.

If you don't have the time to complete the whole course don't worry; you can choose to do any of the dives individually and get credit towards your Advanced Rating.

Price: 9,700 Baht* including materials Book Here or Contact us for more information.


Night dive