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Well, I can honestly say this was a fantastic idea and I am so glad that we chose to do so with Scuba Junction. Scuba Junction isn’t the cheapest on the island but as far as we’re concerned you cannot put a price on safety. (And they are worth every penny!) As complete novices we started from the very beginning in a classroom format where for the first day we watched a PADI film to teach us the core essentials when it comes to diving. The lessons were then put into practise in the pool by our instructor Chips. (After an equipment orientation). Chips is a fantastic teacher!!!! As I was relatively nervous he eased my nerves and before I knew it all of my worries had gone. (And I was really enjoying it). Chips is an oracle of diving knowledge. He kept our lessons fun whilst teaching us so much. The lessons were over 4 days and were made up of 6 people: Chips - instructor Myself My husband Our new friend and fellow student And 2 training instructors for their own learning and our further support. We noticed that other (cheaper) diving schools had a high volumes of people during dives. But we felt lucky we had so much support. After practising our newly taught skills in the pool we graduated to our first ocean dive. Naturally, I became a bit nervous again as in a pool you can hold on to the side or get out of the water. But again, Chips listened, appreciated my apprehensions, calmed me down and got me through it. Again, as soon as I was in the ocean I forgot about my worries and was having a great time looking at all of the amazing fish and corals. Before I knew it I was on my final dive and filled with excitement. Initially learning to dive was something my husband wanted to do. But now I can hand on heart say how pleased I am that I joined him in learning. We can now explore the ocean together (up to 18m) and say it is the first achievement we did as a married couple. Without the patience, knowledge and support of Chips I would have given up. But he gave me the reassurances I needed, stayed with me during the dives (so I felt comfortable at all times) and by the end of it I felt really confident. Thank you to all the team at Scuba Junction. We really enjoyed our time with you all. (Not a bad little spot to learn at either) </div> </div><!--/.gpr-review --> <div class="gpr-review gpr-review-3"> <div class="gpr-review-header gpr-clearfix"> <div class="gpr-review-avatar"> <img class="lazyload" data-src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-HcaGaTcQ_u4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/ACHi3reNTfxESssm8kdlUCnSjX6zHPq_0w/s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo-ba2/photo.jpg?sz=100" alt="Martina Ampio" title="Martina Ampio"/> </div> <div class="gpr-review-info gpr-clearfix"> <span class="grp-reviewer-name"> <a href="https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/107140928663720299610/reviews" title="View this profile." ><span>Martina Ampio</span></a> </span> <div class="star-rating-wrap"><div class="star-rating-size" style="width:65px;"></div></div><p class="gpr-rating-value" ><span>5</span>out of 5 stars</p><span class="gpr-rating-time"> posted 2 weeks ago</span> </div> </div> <div class="gpr-review-content"> If you want to get your Padi certification you must choose Scuba Junction! They’re simply the best. </div> </div><!--/.gpr-review --> <div class="gpr-read-all-reviews"> <a href="https://maps.google.com/?cid=11150733733844403765" >Read All 50 Reviews</a> </div> </div><!--/.gpr-reviews --> </div> </div> </div> <div class="social-content-wrap content-instagram"> <div class="instagram_box"> <div data-il="" data-il-api="https://www.scubajunctiondiving.com/modules/mod_js_social_tabs_slider/tmpl/includes/instagram/api" data-il-username="scubajunctiondiving" data-il-hashtag="" data-il-lang="en" data-il-show-heading="true" data-il-scroll="false" data-il-width="100%" data-il-height="576px" data-il-image-size="small" data-il-bg-color="#285989" data-il-content-bg-color="#F8F8F8" data-il-font-color="#FFFFFF" data-il-ban="" class="instalink instalink-user instalink-image-size-medium instalink-loading instalink-medium" id="instaLink_0"> <div class="instalink-cap"></div> <div class="instalink-alert">An error occurred. 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If you are looking for fun, adventure and changing your life style? Then why not become a dive pro!

The first professional level is the Padi Divemaster, with this certification you can work and travel around the world, after this step you are only one more pro course away from being a diving instructor!

DMP-1We offer various packages to get you there. From Open water diver to Divemaster will take you 6 to 8 weeks to complete, gaining experience through each course will serve you well for when you are working as a Divemaster. We have been teaching our Divemaster candidates to the highest standard for over 20 years. Many of our new Divemaster candidates are snapped up by other dive schools on Koh Tao and around the world as our training is second to none!

As a certified PADI Divemaster you will be able to:

Guide certified divers on underwater tours, assist in the training of new divers, co-ordinate dive trip logistics in a leadership role, conduct Divemaster programs such as Scuba Review/Reactivate courses & discover snorkeling. Also assist with general equipment maintenance & equipment purchases.

If you do wish to become a Dive professional, before beginning your Divemaster course you will need Professional Dive Insurance. There are many companies offering this which you can be found over the web.

All prices include everything you need to complete the course. Be aware that a fee of $AUS 178 will need to be paid to Padi to process your application, which then means you are then able to work as a Divemaster.

If you are Rescue certified with current 1st aid qualification (within 24 months) have all your own equipment, or would rather not buy the equipment, and just wish to do the Divemaster course! The price with materials only! Is 37,000baht Book Now

All the below options are for students who wish to do every course including, open water diver, Advanced, 1st Aid, Rescue Divemaster If you already hold some of these certifications, let us know and we can give you a quote as to the remainder certifications needed.

We have a option without equipment, if you wish to go for our cheapest option, this includes, equipment rentaland Padi materials..

Please let us know, which option you would like to go for, by email once you have paid a deposit of 5,000baht for any of the packages listed here. Book Now


Padi option 1.
From Padi Open water diver to Padi Divemaster.

Padi Open water diver.                        10,800baht.
Padi Advanced Open water diver.          8,700baht.
Padi EFR and Padi Rescue diver.          13,000baht.
Padi Divemaster course.                     35,000baht.
Total.                                                67,500baht.



DMC fun diving

Our next option includes all the above plus the purchase of a set of personal equipment. All our Dive professionals that work at Scuba Junction receive a 20% discount on any equipment they need to purchase. Whereas they would only receive a 10% discount if they purchased it themselves through a retail outlet. We also offer this higher discount to our Divemaster candidates! So on completion of the Divemaster course you have everything you need to be employed as a Divemaster.

All prices include everything you need to complete the course. Be aware that a fee of $AUS 178 will need to be paid to Padi to process your application, which then means you are then able to work as a Divemaster.

Padi option 2.
Padi Open water diver to Padi Divemaster including equipment (Equipment discount included)

Padi Open water diver.                                          10,800baht.
Padi Advanced Open water diver.                             8,700baht.
Padi EFR and Padi Rescue diver.                             13,000baht.
Padi Divemaster course.                                        35,000baht.
Full set of dive equipment, with 20% discount          44,120baht
Total pckage price                                               111,620baht.


Dive Master Equipment Package includes: 

Equipment package includes: Gear bag, big size. Lycra Rash Guard Black,5mm Deep Blue Boot, Propulsion Fins, Silicone Mask Runner
Stingray Snorkel, Mk2Evo/ R095 set, R095 Octopus, Console 2 U-Line, BCD T-one, SK-8 Diving Compass, Backup Torch, Folding Knife
Nylon Sheath for Knife, Whistle standard, Safety Balloon with Bag and Underwater Slate.

dmt pack 2016

Accommodation options.

During your courses, Open water, Advance, 1st aid and Rescue we can house you in one of our accommodation options. These differ in price depending on which accommodation you wish to reserve! This will guarantee that you have accommodation for the courses, before you begin your Divemaster candidate course you will have enough time to check out local long-term accommodation to your liking. We will also help and guide you towards these various long-term options.

Scuba Junction accommodation options.

Sabai Sabai APARTMENTS - New December 2013

Our purpose built resort, "Sabai Sabai Apartments" consists of 6 spacious brick apartment style rooms with large balconies, set in a quite area, 5 minutes’ walk to town, an Italian restaurant opposite, a German restaurant next door, a convenience and coffee shop & a gym minutes away.


Each apartment is very spacious, allowing privacy from your neighbours and is made from brick, with glass dividers on the balcony, the toilet is a modern western design with a flushing toilet, hot shower, kitchen area with a fridge & hot water facility & free WIFI. Each bungalow is fully screened from mosquitoes, has a wardrobe for your clothes and has a large ceiling fan. They are available with twin beds or a double bed.


The apartments were finished December 2013, are beautiful, clean, fresh & away from Sairee Town which can be quite hectic, but is also close enough to walk to!

The resort is only a ten minute walk from our dive centre. We provide free scheduled pick-ups from the resort to the dive centre which correspond to course and diving activities times and extra pick-ups are available on request.

Price on course nights.           400baht per night.

If you wish to take a break between courses!

Price on none course nights.  600baht per night.

These rooms are available for long term rental at 10,000baht per 30days rental.

SB Apartment dive and swimming pools

Also our SB apartments.

These 3 apartments are very similar to our Sabai Sabai apartments but are located just a stone throw from the dive centre and beach. Each apartment is very spacious, allowing privacy from your neighbours and is made from brick, with glass dividers on the balcony, the toilet is a modern western design with a flushing toilet, cold shower, fan and double bed only. Each apartment overlooks 2 swimming pools and are cool on an evening because of their design.

Price on course nights.           400baht per night.

If you wish to take a break between courses!

Price on none course nights.   600baht per night.

If you wish to reserve any of the above accommodation options, please inform us via email Contact Us When making your deposit for your course.

Long-term accommodation options.

If you budget for 10,000 - 14,000 THB per month you will not be disappointed although there are places available from as little as 5,000 THB.

If you prefer something more up market, there are detached private bungalows or houses with multiple bedrooms, kitchens etc. These range from 18,000 - 30,000 THB per month, depending on location, size. Etc.

We’re happy to show you around all room options on arrival and help find somewhere you are happy with. And if you have any special requests, please feel free to let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

valley dive