It takes just two and a half days to complete your Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver Certification.
As a Scuba diver you are able to dive to a maximum depth of 12mtrs and have to be always accompanied by a dive proffesional. With your Open Water Diver certification you are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 18mtrs and if you have all your own equipment, you are allowed to dive with a buddy anywhere around the world, with out a proffesional guide if you so desired.

Scuba Diver to Open Water DiverThe course starts at 4pm, this is where you will meet your Instructor, who will give you a orientation to what you will be doing during the course and you will watch 2 videos. That evening you will have just 2 knowledge reviews to complete as home work.
The next day starts at 8am, where you will complete the last 2 segments of your theory, plus your final exam. Once you have been sized up for your equipment you will then have a lunch break before departing on our afternoon trip which departs at 12noon.

While on the afternoon trip you will go over some old skills that you learnt during your Scuba Diver course and learn some new ones as part of the open water course. You will return to the dive centre at 5:30pm, where you will be shown how to clean and store your dive equipment correctly. Finishing for the day shortly after.

The next morning you will meet your instructor at 7:45am and depart on the morning dive trip to complete your last 2 open water training dives. Returning at 11am to the dive centre where you will log your dives, complete any outstanding theory and be certified as a Padi Open Water diver.

Price: 8,000 Baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information
(includes all required materials, certification, rental of diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)


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