PADI Specialties

With PADI specialties, it is not possible to combine individual specialties as each dive has certain skills to complete. The only specialty that maybe combined is the Nitrox.

Here are the specialties, the number of dives and the price for each individual speciality including materials and the amount of days to complete the certification.

For those divers who are interested in specific fields, including non-diving areas, or who may be interested in the Master Scuba Diver Rating, Scuba Junction offers a variety of Specialty courses.

Below are the most popular specialties, if you have any special request please contact us as we are able to teach more than the below listed possibilities.

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Deep, 4 dives, price 8,700baht. 2 days to complete. 

Here you will learn how to safely plan and conduct deeper dives, how to deal with increase of nitrogen narcosis and all extra equipment considerations inherent to deeper dives. After completing this course you will be qualified to dive to a depth of 40 meters!





Wreck, 4 dives, price 8,700baht. 2 days to complete.


This is also a 2 day course where you will learn about selecting a wreck suitable for your experience, safety issues and how to plan and map the dive. We have 2 wrecks close to Koh Tao which are the MV Trident and HTMS Satakut, pictured above.

Night, 3 dives, price 7,800baht. 3 days to complete.

Day and night are two different worlds on the coral reef, at dusk all nocturnal active marine organism start organizing their 'day'. Barracudas, cuttlefish and octopi start hunting, stingrays roam over the sand foraging and all natural colours of the reef 'magically' appear in the beam of your torch.

This Specialty will take you on 3 different night dives and prices include LED torch rental

Navigation, 3 dives, price 7,700baht. 2 days to complete.


Ever wondered how your guide finds the boat or shore back seemingly without difficulties.

UW Navigation isn't magic and during this specialty you will learn all the tricks and tips on natural and compass navigation.

Peak Performance Buoyancy, 2 dives, 6,100baht.

Being able to move neutral and weightless through the water is an important dive skill.

Good buoyancy techniques will not only make your dive more comfortable and relaxed (with lower air consumption), but you will also minimize your impact on the reef. You will learn how to streamline your body and equipment better, learn reef friendly dive techniques and have a lot of fun at the same time!

Nitrox, theory only, price 8,000baht. 
Nitrox with 2 dives, price 9,100baht.

nitrox-spec-webEanX has rapidly increased in popularity with divers over the past few years due to the fact that diving with Nitrox has only benefits! It is SAFER than diving on air as you will absorb less nitrogen, you are LESS TIRED after a dive and you can stay LONGER at certain depths and have MORE BOTTOM time.

The Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty teaches all the benefits and safety procedures (including EanX tables and EanX dive computers) necessary to dive with Nitrox tanks.

This Specialty is a NON diving course, meaning you can get certified without doing any dives. We offer both alternatives so you can choose whether you would like to the dives or not.

The course will only take 1 day if you opt to include the 2 boat dives, or only 1/2 day if you decide to do the course without the 2 dives.

photo-webPhotography, 2 dives, 6,100baht. Plus 1,500baht camera rental.

UW photography is a little bit more challenging than land photography. This Specialty teaches you all you need to know to be able to 'shoot' the perfect fish. This Specialty includes also basic photo editing to brush away the imperfections.

For those not in the possession of a digital UW camera can rent one of our cameras with UW housing for 1,500thb


Underwater Naturalist, 2 dives, price 6,100baht

Together with the PPB Specialty, we can highly recommend the UW Naturalist Specialty.

You will learn about the marine ecosystem in all its aspects and will get to identify different fish families, vertebrates and invertebrates giving you a new perspective on diving and increase your appreciation of the underwater world.

Dive propulsion vehicle, 2 dives, price 6,100baht. Plus 1,500baht per DPV rental.

Be James Bond for a dive and use less energy on your dive. Please be aware that your DPV battery may run out after the 1st Dive, so we recommend renting 2 DPV’s for this speciality.

Nitrox combination specials.

Adventure Package, Deep & Nitrox, or Wreck & Nitrox, Price 14,200baht. (4 dives, Need to have Advanced or above certificate from any certifying dive agency)

If you have completed one of the adventure dives (If you are Advanced open water or equivalent certification from another certifying agency) previously, then we may be able to shorten and even discount the speciality course by 1 day, 1 dive and 1,000baht. To receive this discount you will need to show proof of the adventure dive(s) you have done in the past.

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