Aow Leuk Point

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Average Depth: 10m (35ft)
Maximum Depth: 24m (78ft)

Aow Leuk Point Koh TaoIf you continue round the corner from Aow Leuk, you'll come across this superb little site that is based around two above water pinnacles and leads you down into an underwater haven for small reef fish, angel fish, sweetlips, blue spotted rays and even, on occasion, turtles.

Aow Leuk Point provides a calm water dive with easy conditions where you will be able to see an abundant range of corals and marine life.

Unique to Koh Tao, this site boasts a small field of closely packed whip corals. Useful as
a snorkeling site and with a clear buoy line, it is an all round site that will excite both novice and experienced divers alike.