Chumphon Pinnacle

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Chumphon Pinnacle, Koh TaoAverage Depth: 20m (66ft)
Maximum Depth: 36m (120ft)

Koh Tao's most impressive dive site. The dive site consists of four underwater pinnacles that tower up from around 34m (112ft) to the highest peaks at 16m (53ft) below the surface. This is an ideal place to spot many pelagics and big reef fish.

Large schools of great barracudas, big-eyed jacks, tuna, mackerel, and giant trevally are frequently seen. Whale sharks, with the accompanying striped remoras and cobia, are often sighted here during the months of March to April, August and September/October.

Leaving the descent line, head northeast and pass between two small pinnacles. On the far side of the bigger rock, at a depth of 21m (70ft), is a large overhang that shelters several enormous groupers: the largest must be over 2m (6.5ft) long.

As you head west there appears on your left a narrow gorge. Here you will find a large school of inquisitive batfish, which will swim up to you: just hover and the fish will come!

The terrain changes in the southeast section, where a number of ledges are completely covered in sea anemones. Pink anemone fish dart about, attending to their hosts.