Green Rock (Hin Kee-Oh)

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Average Depth: 15m (50ft)
Maximum Depth: 25m (83ft)

Green Rock, Koh TaoDivers come here for the tremendous selection of adventurous swim throughs provided by large archways, caverns, caves and crevices that cut through Green Rock.

There are many groupers, blue-spot fantailed rays and titan triggerfish, which can be aggressive, especially if protecting their nests during the spawning season.

To the north of the pinnacle are the famous trigger pits that provide the breeding ground for many yellow margin triggerfish - swim across it at your own peril! This is a good place to see turtles when they frequent the region.

Green Rock makes an interesting night dive and you will find many deep-water fish coming in close to the rock to begin their night time activities. The triggers secure themselves in the smaller crevices for the night and the parrotfish sleep while the nocturnal community comes to life. Check out the feather stars and crustaceans that leave their hidey-holes!