HTMS Sattakut 1The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources have donated a ex-Thai Navy vessel which has been sunk, just 40mtrs Southeast of Hin Pee Wee.

The vessel is 49m long, 7m wide. She lies in 29m of water making it ideal for advanced and experienced divers, nitrox divers and those on Padi Deep or Wreck speciality training.

The Sattakut was launched on February 27th, 1944 and commissioned into the US Navy as a Landing Craft Infantry (L)arge.

LCI(L) She saw action during the WW2 during the Western Caroline Operations- the capture and occupation of Southern Pulau island in September and October of 1944.

She was reclassified as a LCI(G)unboat in December 1944 and participated in the Iwo Jima operation in February and March of 1945.

HTMS Sattakut 2She then participated in the Okinawa Sunto operation from 26th March to the 14th of June 1945. During the operation she was reclassified to LCI (M)ortar. On the 30th of April 1945 LCI (L) (G) (M) received 3 battle stars for service during WW2.

She was commissioned into the Thai Navy as HTMS Sattakut, in 1946.

On 18th June 2011 HTMS Sattakut went under during a controlled sinking. Due to poor weather conditions she didn’t sink as planned, instead resting on her side when she reached the bottom. At the beginning of August 2011 a successful operation was launched to relocate the wreck to an upright position.