Nang Yuan Bay II, Japanese Gardens (Aow Song)

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Average Depth: 10m (35ft)
Maximum Depth: 15m (50ft)

Japanese GardensA coral head covered bottom with patches of pristine sand, provides a good dive site to go off and see plenty of bivalves and tropical reef fish.

Heading north along the shoreline of Koh Nang Yuan will allow you to see more of the larger fish such as triggers, banner fish, parrotfish maybe some of the smaller pelagics such as fusiliers and trevallies.

If you keep heading round the corner, eventually you'll end up at Nang Yuan Pinnacle and the famous caves nearby. Heading southeast you will start to head round the bend into Bay I.

A simple and easy dive site, Japanese Gardens still produces some exceptional diving and usually has better visibility than other bays around the island due to it being more sheltered.