Nang Yuang Pinnacle (Hin Daeng)

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Average Depth: 15m (50ft)

Maximum Depth: 21m (70ft)

Nan Yuang, Koh TaoA cylindrical rock column stretches up from a sand covered bottom to the surface and provides the normal start point for this dive. Spiraling down the rock you will come across a big crevice at about 15-16m (50-53ft) that is the home for large Jenkin's and pink whiprays.

Inside the gap you'll also see plenty of coral trout, soldierfish and six banded angelfish. After reaching the bottom divers should head off in a westerly direction for approximately 50 meters which will lead you over to the Nang Yuan boulder strewn coastline which forms a basic cave system.

By diving through a narrow rock canyon and heading right under a big rock, divers will enter directly into the caves. Here they see plenty of nudibranchs, cowries, soldierfish, squirrelfish and anemone corals while sweetlips peer out of the gloom in the more secluded corners of the cave.

The cave system is illuminated by light coming in through the small cracks that lead up to the surface and through large exit holes that go off to the right.
Once out of the cave, divers can follow the rock wall for a coastal dive.