Southwest Pinnacle (Hin Tung Gu)

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Average Depth: 17m (56ft)
Maximum Depth: 28m (93ft)

SouthWest Pinnacle, Koh Tao

Smaller than it's counterpart, Chumphon Pinnacle, Southwest consists of a series of pinnacles the deepest at 28m rising up to 5m belowthe surface.

The site is an excellent place to see pelagics, whale sharks and has a couple of resident, but shy, leopard sharkswhich are seen at regular intervals. The site has a resident school of several hundred harlequin sweetlips which are always a pleasure to see.

The crevices and holes made by the pinnacles provide havens for groupers, snappers, emporers and harlequin sweetlips. At shallower depths you'll find the pinnacles covered with magnificent anemones and their symbiotic partners, the pink anemone fish, plus hundreds of fusiliers.