Koh Tao is unique to Thailand  as it offers 27 dive site, with the majority close to the island. The close proximity of these sites, combined with a variety of deeper and shallower dives, allows us to offer divers up to 5 possible dives a day (4 day dives and 1 night dive).

Average depths around the island are from 8 - 20 meters, with deeper off shore sites offering depths of 30m+. 

The first two dives are in the morning. departing at 8.00 am, returning around 12 noon. The two afternoon dives depart at 1pm, returning around 5:00pm. For those who would like to explore the reef at night, our night dives depart at 6:00pm and return in time for dinner at around 8:00pm.

This system gives the diver the flexibility to dive everyday and still have time to enjoy a lazy morning or a whole afternoon to discover the island, relax on the beach.



  • All our group sizes for fun dives are limited to maximum 4 divers per guide, ensuring that you will see more fins of fish than fins of divers!
  • We don't mix experienced divers with less experienced divers so that everyone can enjoy their dives at their comfort level of depth, time and air consumption.
  • As still the only dive center on Koh Tao, all our divers get to dive with a NEW dive computer. This is not only safer but also allows our divers more flexibility with their dive profile and surface intervals.
  • Also the only shop out of 74 dive shops that provide free use of optical lenses for all prescriptions...
  • State of the art maintained dive equipment, NO leaking hoses or salt encrusted diving equipment, all regulators have silicone mouthpieces that are changed every week !
  • Our dive guides are full time professionals with more than 1,500 dives experience on Koh Tao.
  • For those who would like a different size tank (standard 12 liter) we have smaller 8 liter tanks for the junior divers and 15 liter tanks for those in need of some extra air !  

All our prices are for boat dives and include full equipment (and dive computer). sjd all the way

Each dive trip is a two dive trip, if you wish to only do one dive the price is 1,200baht.

2 dives = 1,000baht each

3 to 6 dives = 900baht each

7 to 9 dives = 850baht each

10 plus dives = 800baht each

Nitrox is  + 400baht per tank.

Own equipment is 750baht per dive.

Night Dive.  Current fun dive price, + 200thb for Led torch rental.

Scuba Tune Up. 1,900thb. It is now law on Koh Tao. That if you have not dived in the past 6 months or have no logged proof of your last dive. Then a scuba tune up is compulsory before any further diving activities.

Diving Insurance.
Dear Customer, please read the below paragraphs regarding diving insurance coverage.
All persons undertaking any type of diving activity should be insured for scuba diving
If you have your own insurance that specifically covers you for diving, we will need to see your policy so as to verify that it does actually cover the diving you are undertaking. If you do have your own appropriate insurance cover, you will be exempt from having to pay for Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance coverage.
If you are unable to show that you do have the appropriate insurance cover, we will have to charge you 200baht per diving day to cover you with Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance.
Scuba Diving is classed as a extreme sport throughout the world and insurance coverage is compulsory in Thailand.
Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd

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