PADI Courses

Open Water (Beginners) 3½ days - Your diving license.  Dive anywhere up to 18m deep. 10,000 thb Book
Discover Scuba 1 day - A one day safe introduction to diving, can count towards your OW certification 2,100 thb Book
Scuba Diver 2 days - Dive anywhere up to 12m with a certified guide. 8,000 thb Book
Scuba Diver To Open Water Diver It takes just two and a half days to complete your Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver Certification 8,000 thb Book
Advanced Course 2 days - The next step from open water.  5 Adventure dives including Deep + Navigation. 9,700 thb Book
Rescue Course

3 days - Develop rescue & accident prevention skills, the prerequisite for Divemaster. 10,500 thb


Rescue Course
+ First Aid
3-4 days - Discounted package Rescue Course + EFR 13,200 thb Book
First Aid Course

1 day - First aid including CPR (cardiac pulmonary
resuscitation) and injury + illness assessment.  Necessary for Rescue diver.
3,500 thb


DAN Oxygen Course

1 day - Oxygen management and delivery for diving accidents
(includes free flow and demand systems)
4,000 thb


Divemaster 4-6 weeks - First professional level includes 40+ dives 29,000 thb Book


Required materials package 6,000thb  
 OW Referral Course 2 days - Complete the remainder of your OW course (4 dives) 8,000 thb Book

Diving Insurance.

Every body should be insured for Scuba Diving.
If you have your own insurance that specifically covers you for diving, we will need to see your policy so as to verify that it does actually cover the diving you are undertaking. If you do have your own appropriate insurance cover, you will be exempt from having to pay for Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance coverage.
If you are unable to show that you do have the appropriate insurance cover, we will have to charge you 200baht per diving day to cover you with Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance. 
Scuba Diving is an extreme sport and insurance is highly recommended.

Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd