PADI Specialties.

With PADI specialties, it is not possible to combine individual specialties as each dive has certain skills to complete, in keeping with PADI standards. The only specialty that maybe combined is the Nitrox.

Here are the specialties, the number of dives and the price for each individual speciality including materials and the amount of days to complete the certification.

Deep, 4 dives, price 8,700baht. 2 days to complete.

Wreck, 4 dives, price 8,700baht. 2 days to complete.

Search And Recovery, 4 dives 8,700baht 2 days to complete.

Night, 3 dives, price 7,800baht. 3 days to complete.

Navigation, 3 dives, price 7,200baht. 2 days to complete.

Peak Performance Buoyancy, 2 dives, 6,000baht. 1 day to complete.

Nitrox, theory only, price 8,000baht. 1 day to complete.

Nitrox with 2 dives, price 9,100baht. 1 day to complete.

Photography, 2 dives, 6,000baht. Plus 1,500baht camera rental. 1 day to complete.

Underwater Naturalist, 2 dives, price 6,000baht 1 day to complete.

Dive propulsion vehicle, 2 dives, price 6,000baht. Plus 1,500baht DPV rental. 1 day to complete.

Nitrox combination special.

Adventure Package, Deep & Nitrox, or Wreck & Nitrox, Price 14,200baht. (4 dives, Need to have Advanced or above certificate from any certifying dive agency) 2 days to complete.

If you have completed one of the adventure dives (If you are already Advanced open water or equivalent certification from another certifying agency) previously, then we may be able to shorten and even discount the speciality course by 1 day, 1 dive and 1,000baht. To receive this discount you will need to show proof of the adventure dive(s) you have done in the past.

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Diving Insurance.

Every body should be insured for Scuba Diving.
If you have your own insurance that specifically covers you for diving, we will need to see your policy so as to verify that it does actually cover the diving you are undertaking. If you do have your own appropriate insurance cover, you will be exempt from having to pay for Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance coverage.
If you are unable to show that you do have the appropriate insurance cover, we will have to charge you 200baht per diving day to cover you with Scuba Junctions Diving Co Ltd.’s insurance.
Scuba Diving is an extreme sport and insurance is highly recommended.

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